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A cutting edge N2Go-Pod sends a clear message;

  • Your drive for innovation in its use of its multimedia interactivity, payment methods & 55” touchscreen.
  • Demonstrates your commitment in delivering health & well-being to your staff & service users

Nutrition2Go offer a completely new service free of charge. We only supply a wide variety of 100% ‘healthy products’ that do not compete with your current vending contracts.

Our state of the art units offer payment methods in line with your customer’s demands; from cash & cards to touch-less & mobile phone technology. Also why not utilise our state of the art 55” touchscreens? Which deliver new possibilities in communicating with your staff & customers by streaming videos, messages & promotions.

Nutrition2Go are 100% hassle-free retail units. We do everything! You enjoy the benefits. Our service means that your staff free to continue the work they do. The cutting-edge N2Go Pod offers a system of Automatic Online Reporting; No need to call us! Restocking & service calls are remotely monitored at Nutrition2Go regional hub, instantly alerting our dedicated technical team.

Furthermore all N2GO Pods are equipped with a ‘No-Drop-Sensor’ meaning no more refunds, no more jammed products! Additional peace of mind comes from the fact that N2Go Pods log monthly sales figures which are then reported to you electronically.

So why settle for ‘ordinary’? Let Nutrition2Go reflect your drive for innovation and your commitment to improve the health & well-being of all your staff & service users.

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