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At Nutrition2Go we understand that universities and colleges play a vital role, not just in the education of our young people, but also in their well-being by cultivating healthy, happy and confident young adults.

With many students living away from home for the first time, together we need to ensure that we introduce them to the idea that nutritious food can both taste great and make them feel focused & on top of their game.

Installing an N2Go-Pod totally free of charge, will signal two key messages;

(i) A clear & positive drive to improve the well-being of your service users. Making delicious healthy food, more accessible than junk food.

(ii) An organisation which is focused on innovation and continually searching for new ways of interacting with their service users.

Our ground breaking 55”-3D touchscreen Pods give you new possibilities in communicating with your staff & students. Streaming videos, messages & promotions. Each unit is also customised to offer a wide range of payment methods; from cash & cards to touchless & mobile phone technology, meeting every customer need.

Through our Automatic Remote Monitoring & No-Drop-Sensors, N2Go offer a 100% hassle free service; where restocking & service calls are remotely monitored and instantly alert our dedicated technical team.  The ‘No-Drop-Sensor’ also means every time! No more refunds, no more jammed products!

Nutrition2Go supply a wide variety of ‘healthy products’ that would not compete with your current vending contracts, so why settle for ‘ordinary’?

Let Nutrition2Go reflect your drive for innovation. While nurturing the well-being of our most valuable resource & giving this generation the best possible start.

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