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We offer you a simple cost-free way to symbolise your drive to get the UK eating healthy.

Organisations who are on the front line in the fight to tackle the obesity epidemic in the UK, understand all too well the consequences of what could happen if we don’t take action now! This generation of children may be the first generation not to outlive their parents.  Let us help you in spreading the message.  At Nutrition2go our vision is to make delicious, healthy food more available than junk food.

Our 100% hassle-free service means that we do everything leaving your staff free to continue the vital work they do.

Not only does it not cost you a penny to install these machines but through our generous profit share program, you have a completely new and EXTRA revenue stream while doing something good for your staff & service users.

We offer a completely new service to your current contractors and can tailor any product range to best meet the individual needs of your hospital.

Hospitals & Healthcare centres can lead the way in showing that healthy food tastes good. Be a leader in your community by offering healthy options, which help demonstrate your commitment to tackling obesity. Serving and selling unhealthy food contributes to obesity and chronic diseases. Instead, hospitals healthcare centres can become an active driver of demand for and access to healthful food.

Our state of the art 55” touchscreens give you new possibilities in communicating with your service users. Streaming videos, messages & promotions.

So let us join you and make the UK a healthier place!

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