Keeping the UK fit


Anyone who’s ever tried to change their lifestyle knows exactly how hard it is to maintain. Our campaign is not about fad diets & exclusive clubs.

Nutrition2Go’s vision is to build lifelong habits of healthy eating and physical activity across all ages & abilities.

Nutrition2Go’s strategy has been to implement a multipronged-attack on the causes of obesity within the UK.

Why choose us?

  1. We reinvest 10% of our profits directly into funding community programs that are tackling this major issue of our time.
  2. Nutrition2Go’s free mobile app, delivers tailored fitness programs from our resident Cross-Fit champion.
  3. Our members are personally involved in coaching at-risk groups, by introducing them to new opportunities & saying goodbye to the bad habits of a sedentary lifestyle.

This is the first generation predicted to die before their parents. Working together, we can change this!

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